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Simone Seyfang

Simone Seyfang - Internal Sales

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Your data will be treated confidentially.

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Your data at a glance. With the analysis & reporting tool

antares analyzer

  • Analyse
  • Visualise
  • Present
according to your requirements.

Which data is useful and what is its quality?

Find out from the isolated analysis and get real insight. This helps you to avoid incomplete or even false analyses.

Don’t rely on common standard solutions to analyse your data: our analysis and reporting tool performs this task swiftly and carefully according to your exact requirements. Get an overview of the relevant information and make smarter decisions for your company.

Innovative highlights of our self-service software for Analysis and Reporting:
  • Modern user interface for optimum usability
  • Multiple language functions
  • Automatic report creation and management
  • Google Maps integration for location-based analyses
  • Compatible with IBCS® (International Business Communication Standards)
  • Customisable reports and dashboards

The software solution guarantees fast access to information that is straightforward to handle, quick to retrieve and helps you monitor your processes.

Choose between a local installation and a cloud-based version.

Our Analysis & Reporting tool antares analyzer puts you in possession of a reliable BI solution. The software enables you to analyse, compare and contrast your data as you see fit. Visualise and present results as reports and acquire valuable insight.




Quickly implemented

Key Features

Generate compelling diagrams and tables from various data sources in just a few clicks. Your data sources can be connected in minutes. Display an overview of the information using dashboards.

Create powerful evaluations, comparisons of key figures and graphical analyses from existing information in seconds.

Add forecasts and view statistical correlations.

Represent your current situation using compelling trend analyses, regressions and correlations.

Automated report creation – informative reports. Create individual reports (PDF, PPT, XLS) at the click of a button, tailored to your corporate identity. Share your findings with selected recipients.

Use active monitoring in the form of hit lists. Data anomalies, for which you define the parameters in advance, are detected via push notification and can be quickly retrieved and visualised using reporting.

Forecasting: Identify potential and perspectives for your company’s success using your analysis, and drive positive development.

Data pooling and intelligent data flow management takes place in the central data warehouse combined with modern OLAP technology.

More functions
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All company-related information including key figures is stored in the central database (data warehouse). The web interface, which is intuitive to use, gives users global access to a uniform information base. Any given number of users can access it regardless of their location and time zone, perform tasks and participate in ongoing projects.

Pre-configured reports supplemented by the ability to perform ad-hoc analyses in seconds enables you to visualise your information in aggregate and detailed form. Create customisable reports at the click of a button – automatically and quickly. With antares analyzer, you won’t need any additional consolidation software.

Bespoke business intelligence – the Analysis and Reporting tool is implemented in a matter of days. As a result, all users can access relevant information via a uniform interface. Identify key figures and important information in seconds to obtain clarity.

  • Ralf Sagmeister

    Ralf Sagmeister

    Senior Consultant

    Contact person for software solutions and technical specifications

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The best way to show you our software’s abilities is with a live presentation. We’ll present the service portfolio live and at no expense to you, either directly on your screen via a web session or in person at your premises.

We’ll answer your questions to ensure that you can get to know the software properly. We’ll show you solutions to specific requirements.

Choose your preferred option and arrange a live presentation.


Modular expansion

The additional antares analyzer spotlight module enables all Cube content to be analysed in your desired format using pivot functions.

The module is intuitive to use and allows flexible ad-hoc reporting. Compile your reports with dimensions that can be freely chosen and variably combined with one another. This lets you, the user, determine which Cube content you want to present in your ad-hoc report.

Analyses can be saved and sent to other users by email at any time.


Pre-built data models, report and analysis templates and automatic data retrieval from your preferred upstream system. This ensures that your information is always kept up to date and well-founded decisions are made for your company.

A concept with an easy website front-end that can be used intuitively. The input screens of the self-service tool have a uniform look and feel, providing clear user guidance – and our customers agree. Extensive reporting allows for customised, meaningful report creation. Our tool is characterised by fast, automated report creation with a customisable design.

A central data warehouse with proven OLAP technology and fully automated data retrieval enables extensive reporting as well as individual analyses at the click of a button. Use our Business Intelligence tool to form a solid basis for your business decisions based on your individual requirements and recognise any anomalies in your planning (forecasting) early on. Meaningful reporting system – identify your findings in customisable reports which can then be managed. This gives you important information to help you make the right decisions.

Together with our software solution antares planner, we put an unparalleled tool in your hands that not only provides reliable and fast analyses but also optimises your planning process. Our business intelligence duo can be successfully implemented in controlling, sales, logistics and other areas.

Lightning-fast retrieval, comprehensive dashboards and diverse control & reporting tools ensure optimum information provision.

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The benefits for you


A Management Information System based on intelligent data pooling and control. Automated reporting system - the software offers comprehensive, meaningful reporting with various options and analysis criteria.


State-of-the-art software tools are used. The solution is fully web-based (HTML5), uses future-proof database technology and is easily integrated into your existing IT environment. All components used regularly undergo a quality check.


The implementation, fully-automated data retrieval and application of your individual requirements takes place in a matter of days.


Easy to use thanks to the intuitive interface structure and modern, web-based design. Self-explanatory dashboard design and graphics simplify day-to-day dealings and achieve fast results.


Customisable analyses, reports and dashboards. Allows individual design alongside standardised data transfer.


The web-based technology enables all users to access information globally, no matter their location and time zone. The BI software can be applied regardless of the company size and industry.

Our portfolio is diverse

Our BI tools help you identify the risks and weak points in your processes and create the transparency required. No matter the area you wish to use the software in, we have the right solution for your company.

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