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Planning measures in the event of compliance violations.

With antares RiMIS Compliance.

The subject of compliance affects all employees in every company.

However, greater focus is placed on company management because it is mandatory to ensure the law-abiding behaviour of the company’s activities.

This not only involves compliance with legal and contractual regulations but also compliance with internal company guidelines.

The aim of our Compliance management system is

  • to systematically understand all of a company’s requirements in order to avoid or minimise breaches of specific obligations.
  • to recognise and manage any breaches.

As of December 2014, an international standard (ISO 19600) was introduced for the use of compliance management systems, certified according to the CM systems. Our Compliance management system meets the ISO standard.

Key Features


Compiling and maintaining existing rules. Compiling and evaluating the risks of non-compliance and their corresponding impact.

Effectiveness testing

Planning and documentation of prevention, control and emergency measures for compliance violations. Meaningful effectiveness testing of measures and control enables alternative courses of action to be optimised at any time.


Detailed documentation of compliance requests and violations as well as the measures taken to prevent future violations.

Contract management

Compiling existing contracts with categorisation, indexing and keyword search.


Flexible, customisable reports for internal/external supervisory bodies and other recipients. Ad hoc analyses of violations, control status and implementation of measures.

Support process

Numerous processes and workflows from document preparation through to periodical reviews, delegation of actions, email notifications and efficacy assessment of the entire system.

Other functions
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In order to meet the compliance requirements, companies must introduce, document, realise and maintain a systematic, company-wide compliance management system.

Compliance and data protection officers, as well as those responsible for integrated management systems, must take suitable measures to enable ongoing monitoring and control.

Standards keep obligations in check

Along with countless unwritten due diligence requirements, there are hundreds of other provisions and rules that standardise obligations, for example in the areas of:

  • Occupational safety

  • Fire prevention

  • IT compliance

  • Data protection

  • Finance & tax

  • Corporate environmental protection

  • Installation safety

  • Operating permits


antares RiMIS Compliance is an integral component of the antares RiMIS software. Through the interplay with RiMIS, ICS and CIRS solution components comes a high-performance Risk Management solution. Additional Analysis, Reporting and Planning modules can easily be incorporated based on your requirements. Thanks to the web capability of all components, any given number of people can access the system no matter their location, keeping them involved in the process.

We offer all of our tools as on-premises or cloud-based solutions.

Turnkey concepts combined with bespoke components and expansion modules ICS (internal control system) and CIRS (anonymous reporting system). A design that conforms with CI, interfaces to upstream systems and automated data import guarantee optimum integration into your existing IT environment.

Short implementation times, low maintenance requirements and an extensive service portfolio guarantee seamless use of the application and low operating costs with high investment security.

  • Jürgen Günther - antares Informations-Systeme GmbH

    Jürgen Günther


    Contact person for GRC management software

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The best way to show you our software’s abilities is with a live presentation. We’ll present the service portfolio live and at no expense to you, either directly on your screen via a web session or in person at your premises.

We’ll answer your questions to ensure that you can get to know the software properly. We’ll show you solutions to specific requirements.

Choose your preferred option and arrange a live presentation.

The benefits for you


Risks are not only pragmatically indexed; the early risk detection system integrated into our GRC solution enables you to proactively prevent risks and find the ideal path forward with the controlling of measures.


Complex processes are easy to use thanks to the intuitive interface structure and modern, web-based design. Self-explanatory dashboards and graphics simplify day-to-day dealings and achieve fast results, such as the drill-down method.


Along with standardised data transfer, optimum integration into your IT environment allows for customisable design which can be adapted to your guidelines and requirements in opportunity and risk management.


The fast implementation time and individual expandability is seamlessly integrated into your workflow without disruptions.


Corresponds to § 317 para. 4 HGB and Auditing Standard IDW PS 340, meets BilMoG requirements and paves the way to prevent violation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Takes into account the aspects of KonTraG, ISO 31000, IDW (E) PS 981, COSO II as well as ONR 49000 and ÖNORM S 2410 and is based on IEC 62198.


The intuitive screen structure and email-supported workflow from creation to automatically created risk reports ensures a seamless and efficient risk management process.

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