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Simone Seyfang
Simone Seyfang

Simone Seyfang - Internal Sales

Contact for software solutions and services

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E-mail: info@antares-is.de

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antares Informations-Systeme GmbH

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Your data will be treated confidentially.

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Your data will be treated confidentially.


Transparent and comprehensive integration of your company data.

For a global information base and fast knowledge transfer.

A key factor of your business success is information that forms a sound basis for secure company management, regardless of whether you take strategic or operational decisions.

The main challenge when generating information is compiling data from separate applications and databases. This involves the integration of internal and external sources, regardless of whether dealing with specific information or a global data warehouse architecture.

With our best practice experience from more than 3,000 projects, we can help you as follows:

  • Analyse global and decentralised structures and develop data models.
  • Combine your knowledge of your data with our expertise.
  • Build interfaces and integration models.

Database consulting at a glance

A database allows your company data to be stored in a central location, to manage this information and access it from any location. The accuracy and security of the data must be ensured when implementing a database.

Our team has 25 years of experience in database development, implementation and maintenance. We consider your individual requirements and design a database tailored entirely to your needs.

  • Ralf Sagmeister

    Ralf Sagmeister

    Senior Consultant

    Contact person for software solutions and technical specifications

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The best way to show you our software’s abilities is with a live presentation. We’ll present the service portfolio live and at no expense to you, either directly on your screen via a web session or in person at your premises.

We’ll answer your questions to ensure that you can get to know the software properly. We’ll show you solutions to specific requirements.

Choose your preferred option and arrange a live presentation.

The benefits for you


The intuitive mask structure and e-mail-supported workflow ensure a smooth and efficient risk management process - from data entry to the automatically generated print report.


State-of-the-art software tools are used. The solution is fully web-based (HTML5), uses future-proof database technology and is easily integrated into your existing IT environment. All components used regularly undergo a quality check.


The implementation, fully-automated data retrieval and application of your individual requirements takes place in a matter of days.


Easy to use thanks to the intuitive interface structure and modern, web-based design. Self-explanatory dashboard design and graphics simplify day-to-day dealings and achieve fast results.


Customisable analyses, reports and dashboards. Allows individual design alongside standardised data transfer.


The web-based technology enables all users to access information globally, no matter their location and time zone. The BI software can be applied regardless of the company size and industry.


Our promise