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antares RiMIS DPMS

Data protection management pursuant to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

For reliable protection of your data.

Why does it make sense to incorporate the EU GDPR into an ISMS?

The European General Data Protection Regulations have highlighted the importance of information security and data protection. The previous data protection law and regulations on processing personal data in the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) have largely been replaced or supplemented by the new regulations.

As a responsible body, the company is obliged to provide proof upon request that suitable measures have been taken to comply with regulatory requirements. Severe fines may be imposed in the event of violation.

We help you to integrate the new order processing requirements into your company. To achieve this, data protection guidelines need to be integrated into the existing Information Security Management System (ISMS). This creates an integrated Data Protection Management System.


Benefits of a Data Protection Management System (DPMS) for your company:

  • Sustainable, integrated risk minimisation
  • Secure company values
  • Verifiability due to tamper-proof documentation of activities
  • Compliance in terms of business partners, customers, prospective customers etc.

A DPMS allows information and business processes requiring protection to be seamlessly integrated. As a result, your company fulfils all of the data protection and information security requirements.

Draw up your data protection concept based on the GDPR to remain compliant in the event of an inspection of accountability by authorities and to avoid fines.

We are a licensed producer of IT baseline protection tools.

Lizenzierter Grundschutzbeauftragter

Data Protection Management and Information Security

Why is it worth incorporating the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulations into a DPMS?

The entire process of implementing the new requirements shares many similarities with an ISMS structure. That is why it is recommended to take data protection and information security into account in the form of a Data Protection Management System (DPMS).

Data protection management system

DPMS process – for the best possible data security and protection of your information.

A DPMS based on the European Basic Regulation ISO 27001 and/or recognised procedures based on IT baseline protection. This procedure allows processes and guidelines to be methodically introduced into a company. The guidelines allow Data Protection violation risks to be identified with the aim of managing, controlling and constantly improving them along with all technical and organisational measures.

DPMS process

Data Protection Management System components


Confidential information must be protected against unwanted access. The protection of your data is therefore the main priority. Prevent information from falling into the wrong hands, either by accident or deliberately, and make it available only to authorised individuals. Ensure that your data is secure.


Ensure that IT systems, IT processes and information within your organisation are accurate, non-manipulable, intact and authentic with our solutions. The authenticity, imputability and credibility of your information is taken into account in each process.


Services and features of an IT system or information and relevant documents are always available to the person responsible at a specific, required point in time.

ISO 27001 certification

We support you with the ISO 27001 certification and based on IT baseline protection. The certification shows that your company has taken suitable measures to secure its IT systems and ensure the safety of company data.

IT baseline protection certification

We support you with the certification based on BSI IT baseline protection. This provides assistance when introducing and maintaining an ISMS. As of 2006, the IT baseline protection catalogue was updated to meet international standard ISO/IEC 27001.


Our software solution is multi-client and web-capable. This allows every employee to access data and view tasks regardless of their location or time zone. The scalability of the management system and assignment of authorisation roles ensures an optimum user experience.

EU GDPR requirements!
GDPR-compliant data protection management!

The General Data Protection Guidelines can be methodically integrated into a DPMS on a step-by-step basis. These include a protection requirements analysis and risk assessment including the measures derived therefrom for tackling data protection risks.

The guarantee of confidentiality, integrity, availability and durability of IT systems and services in relation to data processing is implemented in a DPMS in a similar way to an ISMS.

The complete and tamper-proof documentation of all Data Protection and Information Security activities is therefore also part of a sustainable DPMS. Our management system helps you comply with the GDPR regulations.

Along with establishing new processes and structures, the European GDPR also requires broader documentation such as maintaining records of processing activities (processing record). This must be carried out by a designated responsible person. In many instances, the appointment of a data protection officer is mandatory. This depends on the size of the company, its area of business and the degree of data detail.

EU GDPR requirements

The complete version of the GDPR (German) with all updates regarding the rules and requirements for the processing of personal data, rights of individuals affected, order processing, privacy impact assessment, burden of proof, record of processing activity to be carried out by a data protection officer etc. can be found here.

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Our goal is to set up a holistic data protection management system (DPMS) for you to initiate, implement, monitor and continuously review measures for information and data security. A reliable data protection management for your company.

We would be happy to advise you on the selection of the BI software solution according to your individual requirements and help you to design your IT strategy.

We show you the way to solve concrete problems.

Use the know-how of our software experts.

The benefits for you


Risks are not only pragmatically indexed; the early risk detection system integrated into our GRC solution enables you to proactively prevent risks and find the ideal path forward with the controlling of measures.


Complex processes are easy to use thanks to the intuitive interface structure and modern, web-based design. Self-explanatory dashboards and graphics simplify day-to-day dealings and achieve fast results, such as the drill-down method.


Along with standardised data transfer, optimum integration into your IT environment allows for customisable design which can be adapted to your guidelines and requirements in opportunity and risk management.


The fast implementation time and individual expandability is seamlessly integrated into your workflow without disruptions. Generate an optimum risk strategy in no time at all with antares RiMIS.


Corresponds to § 317 para. 4 HGB and Auditing Standard IDW PS 340, meets BilMoG requirements and paves the way to prevent violation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Takes into account the aspects of KonTraG, ISO 31000, IDW (E) PS 981, COSO II as well as ONR 49000 and ÖNORM S 2410 and is based on IEC 62198.


The intuitive screen structure and email-supported workflow from creation to automatically created risk reports ensures a seamless and efficient risk management process.

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