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Simone Seyfang

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Professionally integrated planning for ad hoc and self-service BI.

Complete planning process based on existing analysis platforms (QlikView, Power BI, Tableau and more).

Our planning software for self-service BI offers a range of professional and sound planning options that fully incorporate your valuable BI data.

You can plan up to three levels combined with customisable scenarios. This allows you to directly compare different situations and make operational and strategic decisions based on rational findings.

Automatic distribution methods and customisable definitions of target figures and structural data allow multi-dimensional top-down/bottom-up planning. Clear dashboards give you an overview of key process information.

The easy integration of the tool into ad hoc BI platforms and existing upstream systems (ERP) enables tailored processes and reliable data structures. Our comprehensive service and consultancy portfolio guarantee seamless incorporation of the solution. The web-based application supports all participants in no time at all with intuitive user guidance and the provision of innovative features.

The integration comprises both the import of data as well as export or transfer via interfaces. Everything is fully automated, workflow-managed and reliable. All of your data will be available in antares planner for self-service BI in a matter of days.

Do you have any questions about planning options regarding QlikView, Power BI, Tableau and other tools for self-service Business Intelligence? We will gladly inform you.




Quickly implemented

Self-service Business Intelligence

Self-service Business Intelligence enables you to independently create company analyses and reports without involving the IT department (and potentially other departments). This is made possible thanks to the intuitive usage of the self-service tool. By taking this approach, key users can access the required data, prepare and analyse it as needed and then export it in the form of reports. In turn, key findings can be derived from this information which then flow into the evaluations of other departments.

Since BI applications are intuitive to use and require no technical knowledge on the part of the key user, the input of the IT department is fundamentally no longer required, relieving them and potential other departments.

Key Features

Import data from upstream systems and existing BI tools for self-service.

Identify planning projects and select default values.

Define the desired planning views, dimensions and details.

Input target figures with various templates.

Publish and export plans to the Management Information System. Reliable data analyses and evaluation as well as automatically generated reports.

The web interface and authorisation concept allow all planning participants to enter planning scenarios into the system.

A user-friendly interface and responsive design enable you and your colleagues to optimise planning processes in a flexible and web-based manner. Decentralized access enables time and location independent access to relevant information.

Our Planning software for self-service BI antares planner supports the entire planning process and can be purchased as an on-premises or cloud-based software.

  • Ralf Sagmeister

    Ralf Sagmeister

    Senior Consultant

    Contact person for software solutions & technical specifications

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The best way to show you our software’s abilities is with a live presentation. We’ll present the service portfolio live and at no expense to you, either directly on your screen via a web session or in person at your premises.

We’ll answer your questions to ensure that you can get to know the software properly. We’ll show you solutions to specific requirements.

Choose your preferred option and arrange a live presentation.


Modular expansion

The additional financial planning module offers “income statement” and “balance sheet”-based planning and reflects business targets. Different targets can be displayed using logical scenarios.

Entries can be made as either annual or monthly values in the pre-defined ledger or financial structure positions. The values are then maintained in different currencies. You can display them in the currency of your choice using the logged conversion rate.

The individual illustration of mathematical financial logic applied to the account outlooks enables customised structural planning. Along with standardised “balance sheet” and “income statement” structures, individual account outlooks can also be created and planned.


Benefit from easy integration with existing upstream systems and data structures as well as the option to modify and expand structures. This enables company-wide planning on an aggregate level right down to detailed planning at a cost unit level.

The combination of the web interface and authorisation concept allows everyone involved in the planning process to make any necessary changes to the corresponding planning scenario.

Different situations can be directly compared by using various planning scenarios and decisions can be quickly made based on key findings. Clearly arranged dashboards give you an overview of all important information about your processes.

Do you already use an ad hoc or self-service tool? We guarantee a smooth integration of our software with your existing Business Intelligence platforms for analysis.

A direct comparison of different plans is made possible with aggregated and detailed planning combined with a choice of scenarios. Automatic distribution methods and customisable definitions of target figures and structural data allow multi-dimensional top-down and bottom-up planning.

The easy integration into existing upstream systems and data structures as well as Busiess Intelligence plattforms, short implementation times, low maintenance requirements and an extensive service portfolio guarantee a smooth user experience.

The benefits for you


A Management Information System based on intelligent data pooling and control. Automated reporting system - the software offers comprehensive, meaningful reporting with various options and analysis criteria.


The implementation of the tool, fully-automated data retrieval and application of your individual requirements takes place in a matter of days.


Customisable analyses, reports and dashboards. Allows individual design alongside standardised data transfer.


State-of-the-art software tools are used. The solution is fully web-based (HTML5), uses future-proof database technology and is easily integrated into your existing IT environment. All components used regularly undergo a quality check.


Easy to use thanks to the intuitive interface structure and modern, web-based design. Self-explanatory dashboard design and graphics simplify day-to-day dealings and achieve fast results.


The web-based technology enables all users to access information globally, no matter their location and time zone. The BI software can be applied regardless of the company size and industry.


Our portfolio is diverse

Our BI tools help you identify the risks and weak points in your processes and create the transparency required. No matter the area you wish to use the software in, we have the right solution for your company.

Our promise