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Predictive Analytics.

We’re no longer looking back only!

The role of decision-makers is changing in digitally connected companies. We’re no longer looking back only: instead, we need to make future-oriented forecasts – with antares Predictive Analytics.

While data is usefully analysed and evaluated (analysis and reporting) and process data is provided “just in time” (monitoring), the importance of data for recognising patterns and making predictions (predictive analytics) is increasing.

Predictive Analytics process steps

Predictive Analytics is a subdivision of BI and primarily deals with future and potential events. It answers the question of what will, or should, happen under any given circumstance.

How does Predictive Analytics work?

Our mathematical approach uses a time series analysis of purchasing data and sales data to provide the most accurate prognosis possible of future pricing and demand. It answers the following questions: How will pricing and demand develop going forwards? And how will they affect one another?

To achieve this, various parameters are taken into consideration such as warehousing costs, goods expiry dates and the cost of unfulfilled demand. Specific events such as seasonal sales, major events and advertising campaigns are also factored into the prediction results.

Predictive Analytics process

Based on this, recommendations for action can be made for

  • purchasing at the lowest price,
  • the optimum time for coordinated marketing and sales campaigns,
  • the sales period with the highest demand.

Predictive analytics in practice

Our information systems offer a variety of options for gathering, analysing, monitoring and visualising data to form a sound and secure foundation for decision-making for every user.

How does Predictive Analytics work?

Different application modes are provided for various user groups. Mathematical models are used in our BI software solutions and enhanced with geographical data (Geo and Location Intelligence) to generate more findings from data.

Simple, statistical models are supplemented by complex time series analysis methods, which enable future events to be updated.

Examples of Predictive Analytics:

We support you throughout the introduction and implementation of our BI software. We develop an Analysis and Planning software that conforms to your wishes, requirements and business processes.

  • Area and product analyses
  • Analysis/prediction of advertising effectiveness
  • Analysis of the influence of weather conditions on product demand and raw material costs
  • Statistical forensics
  • Geostatistics, such as the static connection between the place of residence and creditworthiness of contractual partners.

Looking at the near future gives competitive companies a huge advantage over the competition. It allows a better planning and decision-making basis from which to derive successful measures.

  • Ralf Sagmeister

    Ralf Sagmeister

    Senior Consultant

    Contact person for software solutions & technical specifications

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We would be happy to advise you on the selection of the BI software solution according to your individual requirements and help you to design your IT strategy.

We show you the way to solve concrete problems.

Use the know-how of our software experts.

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The benefits for you


A Management Information System based on intelligent data pooling and control. Automated reporting system - the software offers comprehensive, meaningful reporting with various options and analysis criteria.


State-of-the-art software tools are used. The solution is fully web-based (HTML5), uses future-proof database technology and is easily integrated into your existing IT environment. All components used regularly undergo a quality check.


The implementation, fully-automated data retrieval and application of your individual requirements takes place in a matter of days.


Easy to use thanks to the intuitive interface structure and modern, web-based design. Self-explanatory dashboard design and graphics simplify day-to-day dealings and achieve fast results.


Customisable analyses, reports and dashboards. Allows individual design alongside standardised data transfer.


The web-based technology enables all users to access information globally, no matter their location and time zone. The BI software can be applied regardless of the company size and industry.

Our portfolio is diverse

Our BI tools help you identify the risks and weak points in your processes and create the transparency required. No matter the area you wish to use the software in, we have the right solution for your company.

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