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Simone Seyfang
Simone Seyfang

Simone Seyfang - Internal Sales

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Established antares BI solutions.

Tailored to your individual requirements and processes.

Business intelligence refers to the strategies and processes used to prepare, analyse, evaluate and present company data. Experience and knowledge about a company’s current situation and future prospects are derived from this data.

Using our specially developed tools, key data from various sources can be pooled, analysed, presented in various formats and the results displayed as a report – all in one central place.

Our Business Intelligence solutions

Analysis & Reporting

Enable yourself to analyse, compare and contrast your company data as you see fit.

Predictive Analytics

Use predictive analytics to determine the potential outcome of different activities and manage your processes in a targeted manner.


Map out your entire planning process, compare different scenarios and purposefully steer your planning in the right direction.

Planning for self-service BI

Easily connect tantares planner to your existing ad hoc BI platforms and keep track of your main planning process information.

Balanced Scorecard

Link all company-related key factors and their relationship with one another together and monitor how they are currently performing.

Our portfolio is diverse

Our BI tools help you identify the risks and weak points in your processes and create the transparency required. No matter the area you wish to use the software in, we have the right solution for your company.

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