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Simone Seyfang
Simone Seyfang

Simone Seyfang - Internal Sales

Contact for software solutions and services

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Business Intelligence based on Balanced Scorecard.

We help you achieve growth.

BI software based on a Balanced Scorecard – BSC

Implement your strategies using specific, operational measures.

Combine strategic objectives, parameters and measures into an integrated system with our established software solution. Tap into your potential by effectively managing measures.

The Balanced Scorecard concept supports the integrated management of your organisation by way of an integrated management and communication platform.

The ability to view different outlooks allows relationships to be drawn between financial and qualitative figures and monitors their current progress.

This means you can always keep track of strategic measures and their effectiveness.

Vision and strategy

Innovation & learning

How do we find the ability to change? Improve and develop to increase innovation potential.

Customer perspective

What goals can be derived from customer needs and requirements?

Company & process

How are business processes optimised to satisfy shareholders and clients?


What are shareholders’ expectations regarding the financial results?

Other functions
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A number of standardised structures and features are available for this purpose to support the systematic creation, visualisation and upkeep of a multi-stage, variable Balanced Scorecard.

The web interface guarantees that antares BSC is accessible to users at any time. At the click of a button and regardless of location, timely and needs-based representations of results can be visualised, from the consolidated management dashboard to detailed process steps.

Designed as a strategic planning and management system, antares BSC displays all company-related key factors and their relationships as an integrated key indicator system.

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    Ralf Sagmeister

    Senior Consultant

    Contact person for software solutions and technical specifications

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The best way to show you our software’s abilities is with a live presentation. We’ll present the service portfolio live and at no expense to you, either directly on your screen via a web session or in person at your premises.

We’ll answer your questions to ensure that you can get to know the software properly. We’ll show you solutions to specific requirements.

Choose your preferred option and arrange a live presentation.


Key Features

Customisable and intuitive to use.

Freely definable outlooks and figures.

Present all company structures.

Integrated solution (email/upstream system/LDAP connection).

Comprehensive evaluation and response management.

Decentralised logging and extensive user control.

Zero footprint – web client.

Customisable design including corporate identity in the report.

On-premises or cloud-based solution.


The web interface guarantees users platform-independent access to the application at all times. Data retrieval is fully automatic from your preferred upstream systems. At the click of a button and regardless of location, timely and needs-based current representations can be visualised, from the consolidated management dashboard to detailed process steps.

Standardised structures and features enable clear creation, visualisation and simple upkeep of multi-stage balanced scorecards. The turnkey concept with variable getail levels of company and departmental structures allows push reporting in the event of thresholds being exceeded or falling short along with precise operational and strategic corporate management.

Using integrated cause and effect links, antares BSC supports you in defining and achieving a balanced target system, regardless of the level of detail of your company or department. Audit workflows, monitoring of action plans and information about all relevant key factors and figures ensure economic and targeted corporate management.

The benefits for you


Mapping of company structures & hierarchy levels, supported by extensive user control. Complete BSC solution thanks to integrated functions for audit, response management and goal monitoring by including action planning.


State-of-the-art software tools are used. The solution is fully web-based (HTML5), uses future-proof database technology and is easily integrated into your existing IT environment. All components used regularly undergo a quality check.


The implementation, fully-automated data retrieval and application of your individual requirements takes place in a matter of days.


Easy to use thanks to the intuitive interface structure and modern, web-based design. Self-explanatory dashboard design and graphics simplify day-to-day dealings and achieve fast results.


Flexible module structure as a basis for a variable design of your Balanced Scorecard. The software is arbitrarily expandable and offers a variety of design options up to the individual design of the report portfolio in consideration of your CI.


The web-based technology enables all users to access information globally, no matter their location and time zone. The BI software can be applied regardless of the company size and industry.


Our portfolio is diverse

Our BI tools help you identify the risks and weak points in your processes and create the transparency required. No matter the area you wish to use the software in, we have the right solution for your company.

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